Are you looking for a great way to encourage your company’s sales and visibility while getting ahead of the competition? Do you often find yourself wishing you could think of a better way to get the word out about what you do or who you are? If you regularly find yourself concerned with staying ahead of your competitors’ companies, you should consider using promotional gloves to make a difference. With the right strategy, promotional gloves can help you improve your company’s presence in the community and get noticed—which, in turn, means you’ll get more customers, too. In this article, we’ll help you learn everything you need to know about how to get ahead of the pack by using promotional work gloves.

How to Outsmart Your Competition with Promotional Work Gloves


Give away custom printed gloves every time your company is hired for a job. This is one of the most solid pieces of advice out there when it comes to advertising with printed gloves. Doing this will make it much easy for your customers to remember your name in the future, and if you put your phone number on your printed gloves, you’ll be even more memorable.

Think of it like this: if you have an electrical company and you primarily fix problems with residential homes in your community, you want your neighbors to remember your name. By giving out a pair of printed gloves with each work order, you’ll be giving your customers something they’re going to reach for in the future. For example, if they have another electrical problem going on later down the line, they’ll likely put on the work gloves you gave them to try to fix the problem. And then, if they cant’ fix it on their own, they’ll remember to give you a call to take care of it.

There are other situations in which you can give out freebies to your customers (or potential customers), but this is one of the most beneficial.

Local Events

Be sure to include some of your logo work gloves as part of giveaways at community events, too. There are many different situations in which this may work for you. For example, if you know there is going to be a big event like a holiday celebration or farmer’s market where businesses are encouraged to set up vendor booths, you may choose to give out gloves printed with your company name and logo in this situation. Some cities and counties also have small business celebration days, so if you live in a place that has one of these events, be sure you get your name out there by giving out free pairs of personalized gloves.

Other types of local events where this kind of advertising may work well include community picnics, block parties, and cooking or eating competitions. You may even branch out and start advertising at the county or state fair when your business grows.

This may or may not be something your competition is also thinking about trying, but if you notice your competitors also giving out free gloves, don’t be discouraged. You can be sure you’re able to get more visibility than the other companies out there by providing better quality gloves with longer-lasting logo prints. This way, your competitors’ gloves will start to wear out and fade much more quickly than yours, and you’ll be the one left standing above the rest.


Offer a variety of different quality materials so your advertising gloves will be useful. This is a key element when it comes to making sure your gloves get you noticed. For example, if the only gloves you’re ever giving away are simple thin knit gloves and you are primarily advertising to people who work on DIY projects around their homes, you probably aren’t going to get noticed very well. And if you’re giving away touchscreen gloves to people who primarily garden, you’re going to have the same problem. This is why it’s crucial to ensure you’re targeting your audience by choosing the correct type of materials for your promotional gloves.

Although it may cost a little more to set up initially, you may be better off if you choose to give out different types of gloves made of different materials depending on the situation. For example, keep a few freebie pairs of gloves in your truck or otherwise with you when you go out on jobs. If you work as a handyman, you can gauge the kind of DIY work your customers are most interested in based on individual circumstances. Give leather work gloves to those who will use them, or give gardening gloves to those who seem to spend a lot of time working outside in the yard.


Be sure to consider the weather where you live to offer promotional gloves that work well for your climate. This goes along with choosing the right materials, but it also goes a little further than this, too. For example, if you don’t want to commit to funding giveaways of several different types of gloves, you may want to choose warm winter gloves and give those away instead. This way, if you live in a climate where people need to wear warm gloves, they’ll still be regularly reminded of your business and what you do every time they get dressed to go outside.

This can backfire if you live in a place where people almost never wear warm gloves, however. It may go without saying, but if you live in a very warm climate, you’re probably not going to get any kind of visibility from relying on gloves made for winter weather. That doesn’t mean you should ignore weather as a factor in your glove decision altogether, however. Your competitors may not be thinking about this aspect of glove-based advertising, so you can get ahead of them by considering what types of gloves your customers do need. If you live in a hot climate, you likely have a rainy season, so consider stocking up on gloves that are water-resistant instead.

As you can see, there are a lot of great opportunities to get ahead of your competition when you advertise yourself with promotional work gloves. Depending on your company and what you do as well the type of place where you live, you may be able to tailor your glove advertising experience specifically and make an even bigger impression on the people in your community. In no time, you should see your customer base soar and you may even notice that some of your new customers have come over from your competitors, too!