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Custom Personalized Knit Gloves

Promotional Knit Work Gloves Imprinted with your Logo

Almost every household has at least one pair of knit gloves on hand. If you are one of the many people who relies on knit gloves for a variety of different tasks, you are in luck. There are so many different options available out there in the world of knit gloves that you can easily find exactly what you are looking for, whether you need something promotional for advertising purposes or you just want a nice pair of gloves with your company’s logo on it for times when you need to work out in the elements. It is always a good idea to have at least one pair of good knit gloves available for use, so be sure to stock up on plenty for you and any employees you might have.

Glove Uses

Knit gloves have almost as many uses as you can imagine. Some people wear them as fashion statements, while others use them to keep their hands warm during the cold winter months. They are even readily available in designs for children, since they are so good at providing warmth and comfort when the weather turns foul. Some people also use these blank gloves to provide extra protection during rain, and to make it easier to grip items like grocery bags when it is very wet outside. There are other uses for promotional knit gloves as well. They are good garden gloves when you are not working with plants that have thorns or sharp objects like garden shears, and they are helpful for doing odd jobs around the house. They can even be used on cleaning day to keep your hands safe from harsh chemicals, as long as you do not get the gloves wet. Finally, they are frequently used as part of light protection when working on DIY projects at home.

Industries that Use Promotional Knit Gloves

Just about everyone has at least some use for personalized knit gloves. They are often used by cable and phone companies for keeping workers’ hands safe while climbing poles and working on ground-level projects as well. They are also sometimes used by banks for counting money, since it can be very difficult to touch that much paper without the aid of some type of gloves. These blank gloves with an added logo are also often give out as door prizes for companies that might have some relation to gloves, such as construction work or garden stores. They are sometimes included in packages for fundraisers as well, especially when the topic of the fundraiser has something to do with gloves or an industry that frequently uses them. These gloves may be worn during marathons when the weather is cold, and they are also often a part of clean up days for non-profit organizations.

Knit Glove Materials

Simply put, knit gloves are made from knit. Knit is a fabric that is made from very tight knitting of threads such as yarn. It has a lot of give, which means that it can easily stretch to fit just about any hand size when used in gloves. This makes it the ideal choice for any group or company looking to provide gloves to employees whose hand sizes might range significantly from one to the next. These gloves are available in both men’s and women’s sizes, and sometimes in children’s sizes as well. When choosing personalized gloves knit is a great option. One of the biggest reasons why many people rely on knit gloves is their flexibility and breathability. These types of gloves are designed to move right along with the hand and fingers, making them good for anyone who does a lot of detailed work with them. They are also very lightweight, which is perfect for anyone who will be working, running, or playing sports outside during hotter weather.

Knit Glove Customization

Knit gloves are easy to customize and can be made to fit just about any company logo or design. They are printed with a silkscreen transfer, which means that the design is first printed onto the silkscreen and then pressed into the glove using a heated pressurized transfer method. These designs can be made in up to three colors at a time, which can give you a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right look for your gloves. If you are worried about the silkscreen transfer fading, cracking, or peeling, do not fear. This design can withstand many wash and dry cycles, as well as repeated use indoors or outdoors. Even if the glove stretches considerably, the design will not remain stretched, and it will not chip or crack. Since custom knit gloves do not feature seams on the back of the hand, it is easy to fit just about any logo or phrase into the space provided.

Benefits and Features of Customized Knit Gloves

You can enjoy several different benefits and features from using knit gloves personalized for your company. Of course, as previously discussed, the breathability and flexibility of these gloves are a big selling point. They are also sometimes used as touchscreen gloves, since they can be capped off with material on the fingertips that can be used for better touchscreen precision. These gloves are easy to wear for just about any size hand, and they are designed to be fitted to the hand for more protection. Knit gloves are also great for times when it is cold outside. You can enjoy warmth and comfort from a pair of knit gloves even when the weather turns bad. Wear them inside a pair of leather gloves for even more warmth and durability in very cold temperatures.

As you can see, it is very easy to customize your knit gloves and create exactly what you are looking for. Since knit is such a versatile material, it is also very easy to find these gloves in whatever color you might need for your company, your promotional endeavors, or even your personal use. Do not be afraid to think outside the box and come up with many uses for printed knit gloves in your own life. Any time you need to go out in the cold or handle light tools or household cleaners, you cannot go wrong with a pair of knit gloves to back you up.

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