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Custom Personalized Touchscreen Gloves

Promotional Touchscreen Gloves that are Custom Imprinted

Do you find yourself struggling to go from keeping your hands warm and protected to being able to use your fingers for texting and other touchscreen activities? Are you searching for the perfect way to combine both and give yourself a chance to text with gloves on? If so, promotional touchscreen gloves are just what you need to make this happen! With these types of gloves, you will be able to text or use your phone as much as you like without ever having to take your gloves off. They are designed in many different styles to help suit your needs.

Many Uses for Customized Touchscreen and Texting Gloves

A touchscreen gloves are designed with the frequent phone user in mind. In today’s world, it is hard to find any activity that does not require use of a touchscreen phone at least to some extent. When you are busy out running around and taking care of errands on a very cold day, you may find that you need your hands free for texting, but also need them to be warm and comfortable inside a glove. Touchscreen gloves are made to help combat this problem. They are also designed in more durable forms that can provide a small amount of protection when working on projects around the home. Although these gloves are not available in very thick and durable materials such as cotton canvas, they do come in a handful of other materials that can give you a little bit of added safety when you are working with tools or solutions that might spill.

Industries that Use Touchscreen Gloves

You can find touchscreen mittens and gloves wherever people need to work or keep their hands warm while still having access to text messages. Auto dealers often use these blank gloves and add their logo when showcasing cars to their customers during cold weather, so they can easily alternate between being warm and looking up information on company tablets. Similarly, these gloves are often given out as part of automotive events to customers in order to promote sales, companies, or products. Some construction companies also make use of these custom texting gloves for similar reasons. With payments now being able to be made by swiping a card through a reader attached to a smartphone, construction workers are taking payments this way more and more frequently. In order to do this comfortably while still keeping hands warm and safe, these workers utilize touchscreen gloves. Of course, the everyday wearer can also get a lot of use out of these gloves for normal day to day routine purposes.

Glove Materials

Personalized texting gloves are usually made of one of two different types of material: knit or spandex. However, they might also come in a few other variants, depending on what you are looking for. You may find them in fleece, chenille, or even leather, although it is uncommon to find them in any material that is not a type of fabric. Knit style touchscreen gloves are usually fitted with one or more fingers that are coated in spandex, because this material is conductive and be used to manipulate touchscreen devices. In spandex gloves, the fingers are usually not altered much or at all in order to be able to be used with touchscreens. However, in other types of material, the same holds true. Basically, you will either be dealing with a glove that is made entirely out of spandex, or one that has spandex features in order to make it easier for you to work your phone.

Customization with your Logo

If you are looking for a way to customize your blank gloves to promote your product or company or to simply add them to your uniforms, you are in luck. Touchscreen gloves are some of the most popular gloves to be customized, and with good reason. It is very easy to print a customized logo, word, phrase, or design onto the back of any type of touchscreen gloves, regardless of the material from which they are made. However, some gloves feature seams on the back of the hand, so the area with which you have to work may be more limited on these gloves. Most promotional touch screen gloves are printed with a digital transfer image. This means that the image is printed digitally and then pressed into the glove’s material with a pressurized, heated method. This type of transfer can include up to four colors and is a great way to have your touch screen gloves personalized. It will never crack, stretch, or chip, no matter how much you use your gloves, and it always very professional-looking when completed.

Benefits and Features

Having personalized touchscreen gloves readily available for your daily use can give you tons of exciting benefits and plenty of great features. Of course, the best feature of these gloves is the ability to use your fingers to work touchscreens while wearing them. However, they can also do much more for you than just that. They can keep your hands warm, and if they are made of spandex or fleece, they can even offer some small amounts of protection when you are working with certain materials or tools. Best of all, promotional touchscreen gloves come in a variety of colors, many of which are very bright and bold. These can draw attention to your hands, which is great when you are looking to use your gloves for promotional purposes. They make excellent free gifts for your customers, and they can also be found in plenty of colors to match your employees’ uniforms.

With so many different options to choose from, it might be hard to pick the perfect touchscreen gloves for you. Why not stock up on a few pairs so you always have the right type available whenever you need them most? Whether you are looking for gloves that are meant to keep your hands warm only or you want a little extra protection, you can easily keep texting, using your phone, and handling any transactions using a touchscreen device without ever having to sacrifice warmth or safety.

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