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Custom Personalized Gloves by Material

Various Custom Gloves with Logos - by Material

Sometimes, it is very difficult to figure out the type of glove you need. When choosing the right kind of glove, it is important to pay attention to the type of work you plan to be doing, as well as the climate in which you will be doing it. Different types of jobs require different glove materials, and when you work outside you will need something made for weather as opposed to a more indoor-friendly style of glove. Although it may seem a little bit overwhelming to choose the right type of glove to suit your needs, it can be easy to do when you consider each type of glove based on its strengths and weaknesses.

Promotional Glove Uses

There are many different uses you might find for gloves. For example, one of the most common uses for any type of glove is to keep the hands warm when it is cold outside. Even the thinnest of gloves can make a difference when it comes to providing warmth and protection against the biting cold and wind. Promotional knit gloves are just one of the many types of glove that can provide this. However, there are other uses for gloves as well.  Leather gloves, for example, are often used to keep the hands safe and protected when working with sharp tools or hot welding materials. When you find yourself looking for a type of glove that can be utilized in a working environment, leather, suede, or cotton canvas may be the best options for you.

Industries that Use These Types of Gloves

Almost every industry uses gloves in some way. Trucking companies, for example, frequently use personalized leather gloves for their truckers who work on loading and unloading their products. They might also make use of promotional spandex gloves for much the same purpose. Custom leather gloves with logo are often favored by farmers and those in the ranch products and services fields, while nitrile gloves are usually found among nurseries and garden centers, as well as in home lawn use. If you are looking for custom gloves leather is the way to go for many different fields. Leather gloves can be given as safety awards to construction workers who are careful at their jobs, and they may also be an important part of the uniforms of many different labor companies. Finally, fleece gloves may be given out to marathon runners as well as anyone looking for a glove that works well for sports during the colder weather.

Different Personalized Glove Materials

Gloves may be made in one or more of several different types of materials. Cotton canvas gloves are among the thickest and most durable available. They are fitted with a knit wrist, but the rest of the glove is made from very thick, strong cotton that is designed to keep the hand safe even when operating heavy machinery. The next step down from this in terms of safety is the leather or suede glove. Both of these provide a lot of protection, but may not be as durable as cotton canvas gloves. From there, you can choose dipped rubber or latex gloves, or full latex gloves, to get the job done. These gloves do not offer as much protection, but they are very flexible and breathable. They also offer some protection against cuts and punctures, especially in the palm and fingers. Finally, you can choose fleece or knit gloves, which are made to keep your hands warm but do not offer much in the way of safety. They are made for gripping, however, which can be beneficial.

How to Customize your Glove

You can have any type of glove customized to fit your needs. All you need to know is the company logo, design, or word or phrase you want to have printed on the glove or gloves of your choice. Regardless of the material your gloves will be made of, you can have an image transferred onto them using some method. Most gloves will be printed with a silkscreen transfer or a wax transfer, while others can be branded or stamped. Still others may have a vinyl patch option, but this may cost extra. Some types of glove customization are limited to only one color, while others can include up to three colors. If the appearance of your logo on the back of the glove is very important to you, you might want to check for the types of gloves that can produce the look you are going for. For example, a branded logo on a leather glove may look great for some companies, but not for all. On the other hand, some logos are only designed in one color to begin with, so a three-color option might be too much for those designs.

Logo Work Gloves - Benefits and Features

Gloves of any type or material can provide tons of benefits and come with plenty of features to make them work well for you. Some types of gloves can provide you a comfortable and flexible fit with a lot of breathability to help keep your hands comfortable and dry at all times. Other types are designed to fit snugly and give you tons of layers of protection. Still others are somewhere in between, with more range of motion and a little bit less protection. Whichever type of glove you choose, you can enjoy the benefits of a durable reinforced stitching that is designed to keep the glove from ripping or shredding. You will also love how easy it is to clean your gloves, no matter what kind you have.

When shopping for gloves, you may feel a little overwhelmed by all the different styles and materials available to choose from. However, it is easy to figure out what kind of glove you need when you consider your work environment and the type of work you will be doing. Remember, too, that no matter which type of glove you choose, you can easily have it customized to suit your needs and show off your company name and logo. Gloves can be easily designed for promotional purposes no matter which material you select.

Here we have listed all of the different types gloves sorted by material type.  Some types are cotton canvas, leather, suede leather, spandex, fleece, latex and or rubber and knit cotton gloves.  All of these can be custom imprinted with your company's logo or message. offers custom gloves in several different types of materials. We have them available in cotton, leather, cowhide, rubberized, nitrile, fleece, eco-fleece, premium grain cowhide, synthetic suede, cotton with pvc palm dotting, pigskin, premium gold grain deerskin, synthetic leather, cabretta leather or sheepskin. Get your customizable gloves imprinted with your company's logo or message. We have just about any printed glove you can think of and if you can't find it then contact one of our helpful promotional product consultants and they will be happy to assist you. You can also view our personalized gloves by application.