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Custom Leather Work Gloves Embossed or Printed with Your Logo

Custom Leather Work Gloves with Logos and Their Many Uses

When you think of gloves, leather is probably one of the first materials that comes to your mind. Branded custom leather gloves have been a tried and true staple of any worker’s belt or tool chest for a long time, and they remain one of the most popular variations of winter gloves on the market today. If you are looking for a great pair of gloves that can keep your hands safe, provide warmth, and even look stylish while they are doing their job, look no further than a custom leather glove. Whether you are looking for customizable, promotional, or basic gloves, it is easy to find the perfect option to fit your needs.

Uses of Custom Leather Gloves

These types of custom gloves serve a variety of different purposes. One of the most common uses of is to provide a medium amount of protection to the skin of your hands. While these custom gloves might not keep you from cutting yourself very deeply with a sharp object or prevent against any broken fingers, they will keep your skin very well protected, especially when you are working in the elements. Whether you will be working near a very hot source or out in the below-freezing temperatures, personalized leather gloves are a great option for you. They provide a great deal of warmth and insulation that makes them a popular choice among anyone just looking for a comfortable pair of custom gloves to wear out as part of a normal daily routine, too. If you live in a cold climate and are looking for winter gloves to keep your hands warm and toasty, custom leather is a great choice.

Industries that Use Branded Gloves Imprinted with a Logo

There are many different industries that make great use of printed custom leather gloves. For example, chemical companies are frequent users of a custom leather glove, since these companies often handle materials that do not need to come into contact with their employees’ skin. Although custom leather might not hold up against very powerful chemicals, it is great for keeping most standard chemicals at bay. It is also helpful for handling machinery that might be a part of a chemical company’s daily work. Garden shows are another popular use for custom leather work  gloves. They are great for protecting the skin from small cuts that might come from handling plants with thorns, such as roses. They can also provide a small amount of protection from garden shears, so if you happen to catch your glove in your shears while working at a garden show (or in your own home garden), you will only cut custom leather and avoid causing damage to your hands.

Glove Materials

These winter gloves are made from several different types of leather. One of the features that is true of all types of a custom leather glove is that they are made from tanned animal skin. Although it is possible to find faux custom leather, that is a different material, and should not be confused with real leather gloves. Perhaps the most common variety are made from cowhide. Cowhide gloves are generally very affordable and comfortable, and usually come with a separate sock-like lining that is designed to provide extra warmth if you plan to use the winter gloves in cold weather. You might also find leather gloves made from buffalo hide, as well as from deerskin. Although there are many different types of animal hides available in terms of custom leather gloves, they do not usually have much to do with the colors you have available. Most leather gloves are available in neutral colors like black, white, tan, or brown, although some might be available in gold and other more unique shades.

Glove Customization

You can customize your custom leather gloves as much or as little as you like. Although you might think it would be difficult to print a logo or a company’s name on a pair of embossed leather gloves, the opposite is actually true. It is much easier to customize a pair of logo leather gloves than it is to do the same for other varieties. This is because when making custom gloves leather can be simply stamped with the logo of your choice, using a combination of wax and heat to transfer the image or words directly onto the back of the glove. This is a great option if you plan to provide a pair of custom leather glove straps to employees on a team, or if you work for yourself as a contractor. This is also a great solution if you plan to do any advertising for products or brands, such as by handing out pairs of winter gloves for free to guests at garden shows. Custom leathercraft  gloves sizing is easy to do, and most sizes should fit most employees.

Benefits and Features

You can enjoy many different benefits and features when you choose to use embossed leather gloves. Some of the benefits have already been discussed, such as increased warmth and safety. However, many types of leather gloves have the added bonus of a removable inner lining, which can give you warmth when you need it and allow your hands to breathe as much as possible when the temperatures climb too high, as well. All personalized leather gloves for men feature durable, welted seams that provide for a powerful hold. They will never pull or tear, no matter how frequently you use them under extreme conditions. Best of all, when you have a pair of these gloves customized using a wax heat transfer or a branding process, you can enjoy a design that will not fade and colors that will not run or melt onto your hands while you work. These gloves are made to last, no matter what your day might bring.

As you can see, custom leather work gloves have a very important role to play in the world of gloves. Whether you are looking for something to keep your hands safe or provide a lot of warmth during the colder months, embossed leather gloves may be the right answer for you. It is easy to print logos, words, and designs onto any pair of leather gloves, either by a wax heat transfer method or simply by branding them. Best of all, these gloves are made from durable materials that will last a long time. You cannot go wrong with a pair of custom leather gloves in your tool chest.

Promotional Leather Gloves - Get our custom leather gloves imprinted with your logo or message. They come in some of the following materials: premium grain pigskin, suede cowhide, premium grain deerskin and premium cowhide. Some are branded or pad printed with your logo or message while others are heat transfer or silk screen transfer. No matter the material we offer low quantities and rush shipping is available if required.

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