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Custom Personalized Cotton Canvas Gloves

How to Select Promotional Cotton Canvas Gloves

When you hear the word “cotton,” you probably think of lightweight t-shirts and comfortable bed sheets. However, cotton can also be made to be incredibly durable, and this is what you can expect from cotton canvas gloves. This type of cotton is designed to provide both warmth and protection, which makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a sturdy pair of work gloves. If you do the kind of work that requires a very thick amount of protection to keep your hands and fingers safe at all times, look no further than these gloves to get the job done.

Several Different Uses

There are several different uses for cotton canvas gloves, some of which might surprise you. However, if you can think of any heavy duty job that requires a lot of hand protection, you are probably on the right track. These gloves are great for operating heavy machinery, because they provide many layers of protection from potential accidents or damages. They are also great for any situation in which you might find yourself coming into contact with frequent spills of harsh chemicals or other materials that do not need to touch your skin. Since these gloves are very thick, they are great choices for anyone who does manual labor outdoors, especially in cold weather. They can keep your hands very warm, and they are designed to fit better than leather gloves. They can also provide a great deal of protection against flames and sparks in certain situations, but it is important to remember that cotton is not as good as leather or suede when it comes to welding.

Industries that Use These Gloves

You might come across cotton gloves in many different settings. One of the most common places where these gloves are frequently used is in the area of farm products and services. Farmers and those who work on farms often use canvas gloves to protect their hands when using heavy farm equipment. They also wear these gloves to keep from developing callouses or other damage to their palms and fingers from repeated use of farm tools every day. Oil and gas companies also often make use of cotton canvas gloves to help protect their employees’ hands from potential spills. Freezer handlers may also use these gloves in order to keep their hands safe, especially when they have to enter freezers that might be kept very cold. Although you might not find these gloves being given out as free gifts as often as other types of gloves, they are still very important parts of many company uniforms throughout the working world.

Different Glove Materials Besides Cotton Canvas

These  gloves are made from a very durable quilted type of cotton canvas that is very similar to the type of canvas you would find on a ship’s sails. Some of these gloves are cotton only, while others feature plastic dots that make it easier to grip objects while wearing them. Other types are made from a cotton blend that is combined with polyester or even rubber to make them a little bit more flexible and comfortable. Almost every type of cotton canvas glove features a knit wrist that makes it easier to put these gloves on and take them off when the time comes. This wrist feature also keeps your arm more thoroughly protected and provides a closer fit than you would find in other types of gloves. These gloves are available in many different colors to help suit your needs. You can find them in simple neutral tones for normal use or even in bright yellow for use during the night. Bright yellow gloves can provide added safety measures.

Cotton Canvas Glove Customization Options

It is very easy to customize your promotional cotton canvas gloves to fit any need you might have. Depending on the style you choose, you might be working with a glove that features seams on the back of the hand or has a seamless design. This can slightly affect the amount of space you have to work with when it comes to fitting your design onto the glove. However, you have a lot of options when choosing them with logo designs, so do not worry about being too limited. No matter which type of glove you choose, you can have a logo or company name printed on the back of your glove via heat transfer. This is the only method available for promo canvas gloves, but it is a perfect way to make promotional gloves without worrying about damaging the logo. This method uses heat and pressure to print a wax transfer of your company’s logo or name onto the back of the glove. This can be done in many different colors.

Benefits and Features

When you use printed gloves of this type, you can enjoy many different benefits and features that are exclusive to this type of glove. For example, these gloves are made to fit much better than other types of gloves for working purposes. Although they are designed to fit snugly, however, they still provide a pretty good range of motion, especially considering how thick they are. They are very durable and can withstand spills and high or low temperatures easily. Best of all, imprinted cotton canvas gloves are reinforced everywhere you see a seam, which makes it very hard to tear or otherwise destroy their material. Since cotton can sometimes be more easily damaged than materials like leather or even spandex, you might be concerned about longevity when you purchase these gloves. Rest assured, however, that they are designed to hold up for years to come, no matter what type of work you plan to do with them.

As you can see, cotton gloves are not nearly as thin as you might think they are. These gloves can be made to be incredibly thick and durable, which makes them a great solution for anyone working with power tools or in other types of potentially dangerous environments. Best of all, they are also very warm, which makes them good for workers who spend a lot of time outside during inclement weather. When you need a durable glove that is very easy to customize, cotton canvas gloves are the right solution for you.

Promotional Cotton Gloves - Go natural with our custom cotton gloves. We have some available in 100% cotton canvas. Some come with PVC grip dots for better gripping. Some are a combination of materials such as cotton and polyester or cotton, canvas and nitrile rubber. We have plenty of other gloves to choose from that are not listed on our website, so if you have a specific promo glove need then feel free to contact us and one of our friendly associates will be able to assist you.

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