Have you ever thought about becoming a hand model? Did you even know hand models existed? While you might not have ever realized it before, there are actually quite a few people in the world of advertising and even TV and movies who are paid to look good while opening bottles and jars, holding products, and otherwise using their hands. Their faces are almost never seen, but their hands are perfect for the job, so they display products beautifully and work to keep their hands safe and looking good at all times. Below, you can learn about the top ten hand models in the world today, and you can even find some tips about becoming a hand model yourself.

The Top Ten Hand Models and How to Possibly Become One

Federico Hewson

Federico Hewson got his start as a hand model when his uncle, a photographer, suggested he give it a try. Now he is a popular hand model who has modeled some very expensive products throughout his years in the business. He tries to remain humble about his work, however, and he does not bring it up too often when discussing what he does with others. He also believes in keeping his hands as clean and well cared for as possible, which means he stays out of the garden and does not get into any situations where his hands might take damage.

Delphine Jean-Gilles

Delphine Jean-Gilles was always told she had lovely hands, but she did not try to get into the world of hand modeling until she was 21 years old. She was tired then of having office jobs, and since she had just finished school at the time, she decided to give hand modeling a try. However, even though she has seen some success in the business, she does not make it her top priority in terms of making money. She considers it a side job, and she also owns her own business so that the two types of income can supplement each other.

Nina Taylor

Nina Taylor is an incredibly successful hand model who got her start some time ago when she was in school. Although she had a rough start trying to make her big break into the world of hand modeling, she was finally given a chance, and she has not looked back since. She continues to get every job she auditions for, and she remains in high demand. Her hands are even insured for a huge amount of money, and she has a ton of experience that leads her to refer to herself as a hand supermodel or a hand specialist. She is one of the most well-known hand models in the market today.

Annabel Capper

Annabel Capper takes the job of hand modeling very seriously, and believes that it makes her feel like an actor. She thinks casting calls are a little bit of a strange experience, and she believes it can be unsettling to be looked at as though she does not have a face or a body attached to her hands. She recalls a time when she had to come up with a thousand different hand poses over the course of nine hours for a very important hand modeling job. Although she has some difficult memories such as these, she enjoys her line of work very much and uses it as her main source of income.

Andrew Bennett

Andrew Bennett became a hand model after his uncle had some success in the same line of work. He enjoys his modeling job and thinks it is fun to tell people about it, and he also enjoys the benefits that come from modeling products that allow him to take home a sample. He still works in the garden now and then, but he also takes care to protect his hands at all times when he does this. He does not do hand modeling as a full-time job, but instead uses it to supplement his own work as a photographer. Even though he is a photographer, he does not take pictures of his own hands.

Adnan Rashed

Adnan Rashed is a voice and character actor who also supplements his work with hand modeling. He has had several impressive jobs, including quite a few worldwide advertising campaigns, in which his hands have been featured. He takes a lot of pride in his hands, and he goes to great lengths to make sure they stay safe at all times. He always wears gardening gloves when he works outdoors, and he keeps his hands carefully tended to the rest of the time. Although this is not his only source of income, it is one that he takes very seriously.

Stuart Gee

Stuart Gee does not think his line of work is all that interesting, but he admits that it seems entertaining to his friends and family. However, he recognizes that body models are treated much better than hand models are, and that he usually is passed over when it comes to making an impact on the people he works with in favor of male body models. He strives to keep his hands looking good at all times, and he tries to stay away from situations in which his hands might become damaged or his skin could get stained. He makes sure to take good care of his skin using products every day.

Vincent Oliver

Vincent Oliver once worked as a composer for short films, but decided to make a change and try to make a break into the world of hand modeling instead. He knew that he had nice hands, and so he was willing to take a shot on the possibility of being a hand model. After being signed on with an agency, he was able to get some very big-name gigs, including one with Android telephones. He wears gloves when he has to do much of anything with his hands, but he also does not let his new job get in the way of his love of composing music.

Renato De Fazio

Renato De Fazio is a body model, an actor, and a hand model, so he does not technically rely on hand modeling as his only source of income. He believes that his experience in other lines of modeling led him to be able to model his hands very efficiently, and that is why he has had success in this line of work. He enjoys the anonymity behind the hand modeling profession, and thinks it is quite funny that he could easily do modeling jobs for two different competing companies without them ever realizing it. He has a couple of hand modeling jobs a week, and so he is careful to keep his hands from being damaged in any way.

Laura Lorente

Laura Lorente has been in the hand modeling business for about a decade, and it all started when a friend of hers sent some photos of her hands to a modeling agency. She enjoys the work quite a lot, but she does not rely on it as her only source of income. As a matter of fact, she has two other jobs, including being a drama teacher and a fitness instructor. She does hand modeling here and there, and she is always careful to keep her hands covered with gloves when she has to clean or do anything that might cause her to get cuts, scrapes, or stains on her skin. She wants to be ready at any time for a hand modeling gig.

Becoming a Hand Model

There are a few important steps you should keep in mind if you are interested in trying to become a hand model. First of all, remember that this market is more competitive now than it used to be, and that hand models are not in as high demand as they were about ten or fifteen years ago. However, they are still necessary and important to many advertising agencies, so if you have nice-looking hands, you have a good chance of eventually being noticed by someone. Keep the following tips in mind to start on your journey to becoming a hand model.

  • Take a look at your hands and see if they have a nice shape. If your knuckles are very bulky or hairy or if your hand is too wide, you might not make a good hand model. If you have a lot of freckles or birthmarks on your skin, or if you have scars, you might not be a good hand model.

  • Think about how well you can hold your hand still. If you cannot keep your hand still for a long period of time, you might need to consider another line of work. If you have carpal tunnel or any other pain that leads your hands to shake after being held in one place for too long, hand modeling may not be right for you.

  • Consider how patient you are. Hand modeling jobs are basically incredibly long photo shoots (or filming shoots, for TV advertising) that require you to stand perfectly still and not move your hand for hours on end. If you feel like you will get too bored or too hungry to stand still for that long, you might not be cut out to be a hand model.

  • In order to become a hand model, you will first need to pay for a professional photo-shoot so you can build a portfolio of hand photos. Get in touch with modeling agencies that have a proven track record, and send them your portfolio for consideration.

  • Hopefully, an agent will get in touch with you and you can sign on for a contract. This is a crucial part of any hand modeling career, since most casting calls for hand modeling are not open and you will need to have an agent represent you at them.

  • Always keep your hands very healthy and looking great at all times. Wear promotional work gloves if you will be doing anything around the house. Do not play with cats who might scratch you or dogs who might bite you. Be sure to go for regular manicures and to moisturize your hands regularly.

  • Practice holding objects in new and unique ways. In many photo shoots, you will be responsible for coming up with your own poses for holding products, and a good repertoire of positions for holding your hands is crucial to any successful hand model. The more you practice, the better able you will be to come up with good ideas on the spot.

Hand Model Pay

For most people who work as a hand model, it does not pay enough to provide a full-time salary. However, in some instances, hand models become so popular and so well-liked that they can have regular, steady work with big-name clients at any time they wish. This is not the norm, however, and if you are just starting out as a hand model, it is a good idea to keep another job to fall back on if modeling gigs prove to be harder to come by than you expect.

Hand models usually get paid anywhere from three hundred to one thousand dollars per gig, depending on the client and how widespread the advertising will be. Unfortunately, gigs are not always guaranteed, so although this might sound like a good amount of money for a single day’s work, it is not regular or necessarily reliable in most instances.


Learning about hand models might be a new experience, but now that you know a little more about the job, you might want to give it a try yourself. If you feel like trying to make your big break into the world of hand modeling, remember that it is not a very job to get into, and the market is really quite competitive. The best thing you can possibly do for your hands if you want to get started as a hand model is to protect them with gloves whenever possible and try to keep from injuring them. Maybe someday you, too, can display products as a hand model.