Have you ever started shopping for promotional gloves for your company’s advertising campaigns and found yourself worrying that you might be falling into a glove myth when making your decisions? Or have you ever caught yourself trying to figure out the right gloves to use for a job only to realize you’re being held back by these myths? If either of these has ever happened to you, you’re not alone. It can be challenging to know which information is true and which is false when it comes to glove buying and usage. In this article, we’ll introduce you to four “myths” that may not be as false as you may have originally thought.

Why the Biggest Myths About Promotional Work Gloves May Actually Be Right

#1 – Gloves can be cut easily.

Promotional work gloves can be cut, but they probably won’t be if you pick the right material. Most people, especially those who are a little bit inexperienced with the types of jobs that require work gloves, incorrectly believe that this kind of glove can’t be cut and that is what makes it safe. If you get a glove caught in something with a sharp blade, chances are pretty good it’s going to end up getting cut sooner or later, so this is why it’s important to understand the different types of glove materials out there and make sure you choose something that’s going to be as safe as possible for the job you’re working on.

For example, you don’t want to pick a thin knit glove for a job with blades involved. You wouldn’t wear touchscreen gloves to work a chainsaw, and you wouldn’t wear driving gloves to work with electrical wires. The myth that work gloves simply can’t be cut ever, under any circumstances, is a dangerous one that can lead to not paying enough attention in safety situations. For this reason, it’s very important to understand that the right glove can protect your hands very well, but no glove is going to be a completely safe choice.

#2 – Work gloves are fine for cold weather.

Some types are and some types aren’t. Custom logo winter gloves can be made of several different types of materials that will make them just as good for use in the cold weather as they are for work-based use. However, it takes some thought and planning to be sure you’re choosing the right material for your gloves to help them work for both of these purposes at once. Depending on how cold or wet it gets during the winter months where you live, you may need to stay away from some types of materials, too. In fact, although leather gloves are great for most work situations, they shouldn’t get too wet and may not hold up well to extreme cold temperatures either.

Many people who are inexperienced with jobs that require work gloves tend to think that all gloves are interchangeable and that hands and fingers can be properly protected from extreme cold just by wearing leather work gloves or even dipped gloves outdoors. Once again, this depends largely on how cold it gets where you live. If it never dips below freezing, you can probably get away with using your gloves for both purposes. For this reason, this myth can be considered partly true and partly false.

#3 – You can’t be dexterous in gloves.

You can, with the right type for the job. Custom touch screen gloves, for example, can give you a lot of dexterity for just about any situation. These are usually traditional thin knit style gloves that have one or two fingers made out of a different material to allow you to be able to operate the touchscreen on your smart phone even while you’re wearing them. This is especially helpful for answering calls while you’re on a job. However, just because these gloves can allow you to be more dexterous, this doesn’t mean they’re perfect for every situation, so be sure you consider whether or not your fingers and hands will be protected when you wear them.    

This myth rings truer than you may think, however, when it comes to work gloves, dipped gloves, and other thick varieties of gloves. These types of gloves aren’t made for being dexterous, so they don’t allow for a lot of range of motion in your hands. If you need to do something more delicate, you’ll need to choose a different type of glove. The myth that you can’t move your fingers well in gloves or that you won’t be able to handle intricate or tedious work when wearing work gloves is probably true, and this is one of the many reasons why it’s important to keep more than one type of glove at the ready for all jobs.

#4 – Gloves with printing on the back will eventually fade.

This is true of cheap gloves, but not of gloves that are heat transferred, branded, digitally transferred, or embroidered. However, the myth does hold truth when you cut corners when it comes to the way your logo or printing is transferred. If you choose to go with a cheaper option from a company that isn’t committed to providing high-quality results, you may end up with gloves that simply won’t withstand the test of time. And you’ll also probably end up being out a lot more money in the long run, since you’ll need to replace your promotional gloves sooner rather than later.

Although this myth does come true far too often, there are many ways to avoid it. Most importantly, you should always choose gloves that come from a company that is committed to great products and long-lasting transfer methods. You should be able to choose the type of transfer method you’re looking for so you will get the right outcome every time. And you should always be sure to pick a transfer method that will make your logo or printing easy to see and very noticeable and vibrant when it’s on the back of your gloves, too.

When it comes to shopping for gloves, whether they’re for you, your own employees, or for advertising your company, you should always be well aware of the truth about the options you have out there. This means knowing what to recognize as false, and it also means being aware of which myths and rumors about different types of gloves may actually turn out to be true. Keep all of the above information in mind the next time you find yourself trying to choose the right glove for the job.