You are probably aware that custom work gloves come in many different varieties to suit a lot of different needs, and you have probably familiarized yourself with some of the most common materials and uses for gloves, too. However, did you know that gloves are also available in whimsical, fun designs that might even make you stop and say “huh?” These types of gloves are usually meant for novelty purposes, but they still might have a place in your wardrobe. Whether you are looking for a gift to give to the children in your family or you just want something that you can use to pull a trick on your friends and family, there is a weird pair of gloves out there just waiting for you to discover it. Take a look at this list of the 25 weirdest and wildest gloves out there, and see for yourself what makes them really stand out from the world of hand wear.

25 of the Wildest, Weirdest and Most Wonderful Gloves of All Time

1. Cheerleader Gloves

Cheerleader gloves

These fun gloves are a must-have for any young girls who are part of the cheerleading team. These are fun knit gloves that can keep hands warm in the cold weather and provide a lot of flexibility for movement and the ability to stretch to just about any child’s hand size. They are adorned with little yarn pompons on each of the fingers as well as the thumb, and they come in many different colors to match your team spirit.

2. Hellboy Glove

Hellboy gloves

If you are a fan of superheroes and comic books, you probably know a little bit about Hellboy. This glove comes from the Hellboy series and is designed to look and function much like the fictional glove it is modeled after. This is a very unique handmade project that stands out quite a lot from the rest of the gloves on this list.

3. Hand Exoskeleton

Hand exoskeleton glove

This is not so much a glove as it is an apparatus that you wear attached to the back of your hand. It allows you to virtually feel objects that do not really exist, and it can even be used to remotely control robots from a distance. This is a very unique prototype glove that may have a lot of use in the medical field.

4. Alice in Wonderland Gloves

Alice in Wonderland gloves

This is a very unique pair of fashion gloves that are made from fabric material and printed with words directly from the Alice in Wonderland book. The gloves are black and white, which helps the print from the book to stand out beautifully and make a true statement when you wear them. They are fingerless for better use of smart phones, although this might not make them as warm as they could be. They are best used for fashionable purposes.

5. Recycled Beer Cap Gloves

Recycled Beer Cap gloves

This is a fun DIY project that involves attaching old beer caps to a vinyl glove. Although you might not have much of a use for a pair of gloves like this, they can be a pretty bold fashion statement or an important part of a Halloween costume if you so choose.

6. Steampunk Glove

Steampunk Glove

Steampunk style has gotten more and more popular in recent years, and some people really go to great lengths to create incredible prop costume pieces to go along with their steampunk fashion. This glove features a lot of bronze and leather to help recreate that old-timey feeling while kicking it up a little with pipes and wires to look more steampunk overall.

7. Cut Out Gloves

Cut Our Gloves

While a pair of gloves with a bunch of holes in them might not seem like they would do you much good in terms of keeping your hands warm, these gloves are a unique fashion statement you might want to make the next time you hit the town. They are fingerless, and they feature a very original cut-out spider web-like design that stands out visually with just about any outfit.

8. Cooling Glove

Cooling Glove

This glove is the perfect addition to any kitchen or camping pack. It is designed to help keep hands cool and comfortable without allowing any burning even when handling very hot food. This glove can withstand exposure to direct sources of heat for a short period of time without taking any damage. Use it to flip your burgers by hand the next time you grill out.

9. Finger Phone Gloves

Finger Phone Gloves

Now when you talk into your fingers as if you are using a telephone, you will really be able to hear someone else answer you back! These gloves are designed to sync up to your smart phone and be used as a small speaker and voice receiver. They work much like a pair of headphones with a receiver attached, and they can be very fun to use.

10. Cat Tail Gloves

Cat Tail Gloves

These fun and whimsical touchscreen gloves will make it look like a cat is controlling your phone with its tail every time you send a text message. These gloves are available in three different cat colors and styles, all of which feature a cat tail on the pointer finger. Choose your favorite breed and you can show off your love of cats to everyone with these gloves.

11. McDonald’s Gloves

McDonalds Gloves

These knit gloves are designed to look exactly like a box of French fries from McDonald’s, even down to the logo emblazoned on the backs. They come in a bright red color with a golden shade of yellow on the four fingers to make them look like fries. These are great gifts for kids or adults who are just kids at heart.

12. Piano Gloves

Piano Gloves

Hook up these piano gloves to the attached speaker and you will be able to play air piano like you never have before! These gloves, which come in a pair of black and white decorated with piano keys and musical signatures, allow you to move your fingers around and play the piano without having to have a piano present at all. They make for a great gift to give to anyone who has a habit of trying to play piano along with the radio.

13. Crab Gloves

Crab Gloves

Put on these funky gloves and you will feel like you are transforming into a crab right in front of your eyes! These large plush novelty gloves might not be great for working, but they are a lot of fun to wear out in public and see how everyone reacts to your new claw hands.

14. Garden Digging Gloves

Garden Digging Gloves

Have you ever wanted to make your gardening experience a little more hands-on? With these gloves, you can easily get involved in digging in the dirt without having to reach for a trowel every time you need to change something. These gloves are fitted with plastic claws on the fingers to allow you to dig easily without damaging your fingers or the fabric of the gloves themselves.

15. Cartoon Gloves

Cartoon Gloves

While they might be a little bit hard to wear, these silly cartoon novelty gloves are sure to make a splash if you wear them to surprise your friends and family. They are oversized and stuffed with plush filling to be as comfortable as possible for your next Halloween costume.

16. Face Gloves

Face Gloves

This pair of children’s gloves is sure to be popular with anyone who likes to talk with their hands! These black knit gloves are adorned with bright multicolored fingers, each of which is stitched with a different expression ranging from a winking smiley face to a big laugh.

17. Pet Comb Gloves

Pet Comb Gloves

Grooming your pets is important, but sometimes, pets might be afraid of brushes and combs, or these products might tangle in your pets’ fur. With these plastic gloves, you will be able to brush your dog or cat easily without causing an undue stress. Simply put them on and go to work brushing out your pet with the bristles attached to each finger and to the palm.

18. Snowball Gloves

Snowball Gloves

Everyone knows it is important to wear warm winter gloves when going out to play in the snow, but it is also no secret that knit gloves are bad for making snowballs. Snow sticks to knit gloves and makes it hard to form the perfect shape. With these gloves, which feature inset plastic bowls to help you form the perfect round snowball every time, you are sure to win every snow battle you encounter.

19. Cat Toy Gloves

Cat Toy Gloves

Do you love playing with your cat? Is kitty playtime a part of your daily routine? If so, these gloves are a great addition to your ensemble. These simple knit gloves are comfortable and stretchable to fit just about any adult hand size. There is a small fabric mouse-shaped toy attached to each finger and the thumb with a durable elastic cord to allow your cat to have hours of fun, supervised play.

20. Skeleton Gloves

Skeleton Gloves

These long black and white gloves are printed with realistic skeleton bones and stretch up to your elbow to help you create the perfect skeleton look. Whether you wear them for Halloween or as part of your regular everyday outfit, these knit gloves are sure to keep you warm while helping you make a statement at the same time.

21. Cat Paw Gloves

Cat Paw Gloves

Do you want to look like a cat or show the world just how much you love cats? With these fun gloves, you easily can! These faux fur gloves are designed to slip onto your hand and allow your fingers to be free while making your palm look like a paw pad. They come in a very soft fake gray fur with perfect pink paw pads that look just like a real cat’s.

22. LED Gloves

LED Gloves

These gloves may look a little bit boring when you first see them, especially since they are made of simple plain white cotton. However, simply push a button located on the wrist cuffs and you will immediately see what makes them so special as the fingers and thumb light up with pink or blue LED lights. They are perfect for your next rave.

23. Smartphone Window Gloves

Smartphone Window Gloves

These gloves may not have a lot of functionality in terms of using your fingers, but just slip your hands inside and look through the window to allow yourself clear, protected texting during the rain or snow. Your hands and phone both will stay warm and dry, and you will be able to keep using your smart phone uninterrupted.

24. Pixel Oven Mitts

Pixel Oven Mitts

These unique oven mitts are designed to look like pixel hands. They are mostly white with a thick black border that gives them a cartoonish, graphic appearance. Best of all, they are thick and durable enough to allow you to handle hot cooking utensils with no fear of burning or damaging your skin. They are a must have for any geek’s kitchen.

25. Glow Gloves

Glove Gloves

If you feel like taking your rave to the next level, reach for a pair of these fully-lighted glowing LED gloves. These gloves, available in either blue or red, are an excellent addition to your party outfit. They are lit from the inside using low-heat bulbs that will not damage your skin, and they are designed for hours of use so the party never has to stop.


There are a lot of unique and fun gloves out there for you to check out. If you are interested in finding the perfect wacky gloves to add to your collection, you are in luck, because there is really something out there for everyone. Remember, however, that these types of gloves are fun for a few uses, but it is always important to stock up on durable leather work gloves and thick winter gloves for those times when you need them, too. Be sure to have a few different types of gloves available to suit all of your needs, but do not forget to buy a few pairs of silly ones to make your friends and family laugh, too!